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niazha16 asked:

Work for your girl baby... Work for her.., let her know...

Ooc: that’s what she’s doing, for sure.

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Phone ⇄ Marleyssa
  • Alyssa: [hears Marley's words, wanting so badly to believe them but she didn't know. She was scared not only for herself but for Marley too.] no! Nobody is gonna believe me...don't you see.. it's just gonna my my word against his.[pause thinking about going back to Lima] I-I can't.... I-I can't... go back there Marley....
  • Marley: [swallowed thickly and shook her head.] You never know! I believe you! That's not true! You have me! We can take him Alyssa![took a deep shaky breath.] Y-yes you can...What about me? and Michael?! Michael can do something!
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Phone ⇄ Marleyssa
  • Alyssa: [bits her bottom lip, chewing on them nervously] I don't know.. After Levi... did what he did.. I don't know if I'm the same girl you feel in love with Marley... He took everything away from me.. and I can't eat and I can't sleep... just think-[choked on her tears in haling sharply] I just want this pain to go away.. I want you to be safe...and that can't happen if we are together Marley..
  • Marley: [let out a shaky breath and sniffed.] But we can! We can figure something out okay? We can go to the cops and then just...[Let out a shaky breath.] figure something out..Please come home.
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How's it going? | Andrew & Santana
  • Santana: moves his hands away from her face. "I gotta go Andrew.." she whispered quickly getting her things, before running out of the gym
  • Andrew: swallowed thickly and watched her running out of the gym. He looked around for a bit before heading to his car to head back to Marley's house.
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niazha16 asked:

Yes baby work..., come on now bring it home., why am I cheering this on

Ooc: Lmao I dont even know.

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How's it going? | Andrew & Santana
  • Santana: rolled her eyes "I'm not..." she stated glaring at him before her faced soften 'It's not you... you didn't make me cry.. I just..ugh.. my life is fucked up Andrew.. okay.. It just is... and do I like it?! no.. I don't.. but I can't help it.. I love Chis and I don't know what to do to turn those feelings off..." she said honestly
  • Andrew: nodded at her words, walking up to her at her slowly and cupped her cheek. "Hey..You're beautiful, alright?! Any guy would be lucky to have you. You deserve to love you unconditionally Santana. Someone who isnt afraid to take a chance on you." He caressed her cheek with his thumb while looking into her brown eyes.
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Phone ⇄ Marleyssa
  • Alyssa: [licked her lips as she wiped her tears away and whispers] How... how are we gonna make this work Marley?![wincing when she hears Marley crying] B-Because..[sniffles] I just do... besides I will be in college.. I-I'm not gonna have time for you..
  • Marley: [shook her head gently.] I-I dont know, but I know that we love each other and we can make it work..[Sniffed] You're going to be nine hours away...W-we can make it work...
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How's it going? | Andrew & Santana
  • Santana: eyed him up and down "I'm not freaking out! ugh I just want to put you on noticed.. that you will NOT be coming near me...Okay.. " she said taking a deep breath "I love Chris.. okay.. I do.. and hopefully he will see what he and I have and start fighting for us.. " she whispered softly "and its gonna take some time.. but I'm willing to wait...I'm willing to wait until he sees that I'm the only one he wants... just like he is the only one that I want..he loves me Andrew.. I know he does..he just needs to admit it to himself.. that's all" she sniffled stepping back from him "I gotta I'll tell Marley you are looking for her.."
  • Andrew: nodded at her words. "Sure you're not freaking out." He raised an eyebrow. "If you say so Santana." He let out a breath and ran a hand through his brunette hair. "Look, I didnt mean to make you cry alright? Im sorry.."
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Phone ⇄ Marleyssa
  • Alyssa: [smiles softly] Okay...[sighs] Marley.... you know there is no such thing when it comes to us being just friends.. not after everything that has happened..[closes her eyes hearing Marley's words] I-[huffs] I still love you too.. but.. We can't be together... I'm not healthy or good for you..
  • Marley: [nodded and kept picking at her blanket.] Lyssa...please. We can make it work it, okay?![closed her eyes, feeling the tears fall from her eyes.] How do you know for sure? Huh?
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How's it going? | Andrew & Santana
  • Santana: Sighed heavily "Okay fine! maybe this isn't our first time meeting or talking.. but still" she trailed off again squinting her eyes at him storming into his face "Listen you jerk.. I am not nervous and I am not flustered" she said point her finger in his face, wanting to slap that smirk off his face "O-Of course I'm fucking happy" she spat running her fingers throw her long black hair. "We have one damn moment, and you go assuming that there is something between us.. yea you maybe right. but it's just friends.. that's it.." she huffed "And that's all.."
  • Andrew: smirked while watching her and backed up softly when she gotten into his face. "Im not the one who's freaking out, now am I?" He questioned.
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